Top 5 Destinations for Solo Travel

Travelling Boots

Travelling Boots

The first thought in anyone’s mind who is venturing into the thought or prospect of Solo Travel is.. “What’s the best place to start”. So after the brief exposure of my Travelling Boots to 39 countries; here is my list of top 5 Destinations for Solo Travel. This list is applicable to all sexes, all ages and people with any preferences. I won’t tell you what to see here, cause it’s the best ice breaker to get to a place and ask the locals yourself and make your own itinerary 😊
The places that I’m mentioning are most definitely Safe and are so full of life and culture and beautiful people that they may make you get addicted to Solo Travel.. Don’t tell me later I didn’t warn you! So here goes:

Travelling Boots

Travelling Boots in Bali

1. Bali: Bali is a place perfect for anyone. The weather is always great. There is no pressure on looking decked up all the time.. couple of pairs of shorts and comfy ganjis and footwear with some sun block and you are ready to rock it here as a Solo traveller. You can enjoy everything here; there’s ample options for nature lovers, history buffs and party animals. Oh and of course this is the place for ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ so plenty of Yoga retreats set one lush green paddy fields on gorgeous mountains. And the food.. oh the food and fruits here are to die for.
I mean the temples, the beaches, the cafes, the forests and the parties.. take your pick! And the people are so friendly here that it’s the easiest thing to strike a conversation with anyone. Bali is the melting pot of sheer travel lovers!

Gorgeous Forts and Beaches at Galle, Sri Lanka

Gorgeous Forts and Beaches at Galle, Sri Lanka

2. Sri Lanka: I’ve spent a Christmas here! It happened to be the 10th anniversary of the Tsunami. Sri Lanka is a small country and yet there’s so much to see in terms of landscapes and geography. Sri Lanka is great for nature lovers, party people and chillers. My favorite part to stay at is Galle. There are many amazing hotels but I always prefer Airbnbs just to get that cultural exposure. I explored their wild-life, the turtle orphanages, the endless pristine beaches and again amazing night life. It’s like Goa only less crowded and much cleaner! Must try the local fish curry here!
If you can handle intense experiences, you must visit the Tsunami museum. I cried for hours there but I felt I owed the departed a visit.

Travelling Boots in Prague

Gorgeous Prague

3. Prague: I recommend Airbnbs at most places cause if you are just starting to travel solo; taking a private room with a family just feels less lonely. I mean I personally find most hotel rooms very .. very lonely and soul-less. Stayed with a lovely old lady in Prague who gave me info on so many hidden spots down the most unpretentious veiled almost dodgy steps on the side of the most un-busy roads. Talk to your waiters and take suggestions. The place is full of amazing structures and architecture. Picture perfect palaces, churches, parks of Roman, Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance style architecture. Oh! Oh! Must enroll for the Ghost tour and the Pub Crawl here… Great way to make friends and hahahhha they are insanely FUNNNNN! Must try the Czech beer!

Travelling Boots Solo Travel Tips


4. Istanbul: Again! What a beautiful place with so much history and culture to share with us travelers. And just the most beautiful people! Even a week here was less for me. I’m not big on shopping ever but there’s the area right below the Galata tower with some insanely cool clothes and shoes. Try everything you possibly can with food here… it’s so good that even after years I crave most of the dishes I tried here. Istanbul is relevant for so many historical and religious reasons. If you are a history buff this is a gold mine. I know I wasn’t gonna suggest what to see but I gotta mention Eyup Suktan Mosque. You have to get here.. it’s a bit far from the main city but it’s worth it for 2 reasons.. one of course the mosque itself but secondly.. there is a funicular here that takes you up a mountain to a café called Pierre Loti. You can get a great bird’s eye view of the entire city from here and even see the Golden Horn.

Travelling Boots Solo Travel Tips

My Solo Gondola ride

5. Italy: Yes I know.. the whole country! Seriously! Go anywhere, except the big cities and you are bound to have a magnificent experience! I’ll tell you why.. Milan and Rome are really busy, you may not be able to initiate conversations easily here but of course there’s so much to see and explore that they are still amazing. My favorite parts were Florence, Venice and Capri. Ok I’m a huge Renaissance geek so Florence was literally my heaven. Get here in the summer, hire a cycle and please just get lost and find not just your way but yourself here in Florence. There are so many mysteries and stories to explore here that even a month is nothing here. The thought that Michelangelo, Brunelleschi and Leonardo were here at one time.. together creating history and changing the world is just so so so exciting that I’m all perked up even typing about it. Catching the sunset here, at some café, watching all sorts of tourist passing by, reading a book and scribbling my notes alone over coffee every evening was possibly the best part of my day.

Travelling Boots Solo Travel Tips

Feel the liberation in Solo Travel

Solo Travel is liberating in ways you can’t imagine, but like Spiderman’s uncle said, “With great power comes great responsibility” Well, it’s true. You should always remember that when you travel Solo, you and you alone are responsible for yourself. So take care of yourself! Irrespective of your sex, really… take care of your self.. apply logic and as long as you don’t look for trouble, there’ll be no trouble what so ever!
Safe travels!

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