Review: The W Hotel Dubai- The Passion Place

Travelling Boots at W Hotel, Dubai

Travelling Boots at W Hotel, Dubai

I’ve said this before; I’m a fan of Passion and passionate people and the W Hotel Dubai is all THAT! As we check into various luxury hotels, there are a few standard fancies we already expect. But I get excited about the story a place has to tell, via its people. The W Hotel, Dubai totally surprised me. It had all the luxuries of any 5 Star hotel, except it was and felt totally new age and umm.. “Vibed”. The W Hotel Dubai is just the ideal place for the new age geniuses and entrepreneurs with the cool suits, the earphones and the backpacks.

Travelling Boots at W Hotel, Dubai

The Awesome Breakfast

The W Hotel Dubai works on 4 passion points, and boyyyy are they passionate about them. Music, Fashion, Design and Fuel. gry kasyno sloty Lemme elaborate this; they have an in-house DJ who is the Music Curator. So everything you hear anywhere in this quirky hotel has been hand picked by a music specialist. Fashion and Design go hand in hand here cause nothing and no area here is “off the rack”. The experience each area has to offer and create has been carefully planned to do exactly what the creators wanted, so you end up feeling just energised here! They have an amazing blend of lines and curves with really base colours and then a splash of something absolutely psychedelic in nature.

Travelling Boots at W Hotel, Dubai

View through the day!

What I found really cool was their philosophy of Retox, Detox and Repeat. Our generation is all about work hard and party hard; so when we wind up our days, we want to chill to some great music and good vibe. gry kasyno na pieniadze The W Hotel does just THAT! So after you have had a hectic day and then a great night of fun drinks and music, they serve you the most amazing, elaborate, healthy breakfast to Detox and yes… then repeat! Haha!

Travelling Boots at W Hotel, Dubai

Wheel at W Hotel Dubai

The Unconventional Entrance

When I walked into the hotel, I was surprised they didn’t have a ‘reception-looking’ area. The Welcome team, kinda just took my suitcase and ushered me onto the 30th floor. Yup! The area you walk into is called Wheels, which is to take care of your car and suitcase. The Reception is on the 30th floor next to the W lounge with upbeat music and pod looking reception kiosks instead of the traditional long slabs. How refreshing!

The Guest Relations are called the Whatever-Whenever team here….. they will take care of whatever you want whenever you want as long as it legal (haha!… Cheeky!) And they are there to take care of anything from headaches to suggesting on where to do what..

Travelling Boots at W Hotel, Dubai

The Gorgeous Room

The Room

The W Hotel Dubai is located right next to the Dubai Water Canal. The most spectacular view to wake-up to, sleep to or simply keep looking at. And the Sheikh Zayed road below can be like looking at Lego-Land where everything moves in high speeds in perfect lines. The rooms are spacious with lotsa natural light and open baths. Everyone who has been to the W Hotel, Dubai will definitely put up a pic of the bath tub with the burst of colours background painting cause it is just fabulous.

The room service team is perfect in service… try asking them to customise any dish to your preference and they will happily oblige with creativity!

Travelling Boots at W Hotel, Dubai

Ginray- The Mixologist

Travelling Boots in W hotel Dubai

Pool Side

The Dining

Of-course they have the most extensive collection of cuisines and choices for a great breakfast and can take the term “Hunger Games” to a whole new meaning but you have to try Namu. Namu; is their Korean restaurant with a Japanese Slant. It was my first time with Korean cuisine and I was trying to be open minded and let my server Hanna decide and order for me. I tried many dishes and can confidently tell you that nothing, nothing was disappointing.

Travelling Boots at W Hotel, Dubai


But a few dishes deserve a special mention cause they just were so darrrrrrn yummmmmmm! You gotta gotta havvvvta try:

  • Gyoza (the lobster and prawn dumpling)
  • Japchae (sweet potato noodles with vegetables). Hanna told me this was what she loved eating when she was home in Korea and tasted just like how her mom would make it. 🙂
  • Bibimbap (mixed rice). Oh My God! The bowl looks divine with everything in it, but then your server will mix the sauces and beat is all up before you eat it and each bite was like the perfect blend if textures and bursts of flavours and has ended up being my favourite rice dish evvvver.

The cocktails are a whole new story again. My bar-tender Ginray mixed up some fun drinks with a Korean alcoholic beverage called Soju. Try their Neo Fashioned cocktails; each is amazing!

Travelling Boots at W Hotel, Dubai


Travelling Boots at W Hotel, Dubai

Perseverance- Cocktail

The Vibe

The W Hotel Dubai is best described as a ‘quirky’ hotel. But I think its a piece of absolute contemporary art and represents everything the new age generation is all about. It’s subtle with a twist of madness and cool. It breaks any monotony with a passion and is great for any business travel or vacationers. kasyno online vulkan

Its located absolutely centrally and has easy access to any part of Dubai with a great view and an amazing vibe.

Travelling Boots at W Hotel, Dubai


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