Review: Lebua Lodge, Amer

Travelling Boots in Lebua Lodge

Travelling Boots in Lebua Lodge

Like many of us, my family now lives in various parts of the continent and a wedding in the family is mostly about reunions and quality time with cousins. But I knew that this was going to be exhausting and definitely very busy. So after the wedding I decided that I would take my family for an extra 2 days of family time to the lovely Lebua Lodge at Amer. The property had tents for rooms and was just the kind of quiet time we needed.

Travelling Boots in Lebua Lodge

The Tented Rooms of Lebua Lodge

So it was Mom, Dad, my most amazing sister who came from Bengaluru with her gorgeous family, my perfect husband and I. When it comes to family vacations, I like to go for the quiet resorts which have a lot of play area for the kids (ummm me actually haha). I prefer them non fuss and comfortable instead of luxuriously don’t touch. You know what I mean? Like lotsa large lawns and some natural backdrops and Lebua Lodge is just that.

Travelling Boots in Lebua Lodge

Lobby- Lebua Lodge

The Property:

Hidden behind a local village area, this lodge is tucked away from the city din. The rooms are actual tents and modestly comfortable. gra kasyno online The rooms are made of tent material however are not shaped as tents. What I loved most was the little sit out area infront of the rooms. It’s the perfect place to soak up some amazing crisp winter sun. Oh you can just lay here for hours doing nothing and at night you can ask for the Coal Barbecue grill set up and enjoy the view of hundreds of stars.

Travelling Boots in Lebua Lodge

My Lovely Family

Travelling Boots in Lebua Lodge

The Room at Lebua Lodge

The Dining:

They have one multi cuisine restaurant, which serves a nice lovely breakfast. I’d recommend you explore the surrounding areas for better dining experience and local food. apex automaty online My all time personal favourite is the Tree of Life just next door. If you can reserve your booking with Tree of Life, they give an even better service which is most memorable to say the least. Even the smaller Dhabas around are worth exploring here.

PS: Be cautious of the package here, cause their concept of meal included means only the main course. The starters, side dishes, salads, desserts are all extra.

Travelling Boots in Lebua Lodge

The Dining Area Lebua Lodge

The Activities:

My fondest memory of the property will definitely be the cycles. It was such a pleasure to wake up and be dragging my feet to the breakfast place and watch my 70 years old dad, galavanting on a cycle. And soon my entire family was on the cycles and we even taught my mom how to cycle… ya she had never cycled before… just so memorable! jakie kasyno online

They also have camels near the entrance that you can take a ride on… they are the funnest to watch while they get up or sit down… haha!

So I suggest this place mostly for family get-togethers, corporate offsites or budget trips. It’s the no frill and yet comfortable get away just a few hours drive from Delhi. You just have to remember that this is Lebua Lodge and not Lebua Resort…

Travelling Boots in Lebua Lodge

Travelling Boots in Lebua Lodge

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