Review: Hamoni Golf Camp- The Anti Club- The Breaker of Clichés

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At Hamoni Golf Camp

It’s safe to say that over 90% of us don’t know anything about golf. Mostly cause it’s a slow game or cause the clubs where they teach it are too darn expensive. But I’m a fan of passion; so when I was asked to review a Golf Camp called Hamoni, I was more than excited. Well; curious too I think.

Travelling Boots Review

The Hamoni Golf Camp

I was visiting Gurgaon after I moved to Dubai and as usual had travelled light.. which meant I did not have the appropriate clothes or shoes for a Golf Review. Anyway; I managed to pick the right color for the greens and wore a pair of shoes which kinda looked formal (NOT) and prayed I won’t be judged! I think it was mostly because Golf had been such a pompous and posh game for me. Even when I would try to talk to a few friends who played golf; their body language would change and they would give vague answers like.. “It’s a game where you compete with oneself” instead of telling me how it was really played. I think I had lost interest but still was curious to know more.

Travelling Boots Review

Enjoy a Cup of Coffee and Chill

I was greeted and welcomed by a young man with a Golf club in his hand and was… ummm more casually dressed than even I was! I was instantly at ease somehow. Ritwik Kejriwal is a golf lover and a man with a passion. He is one of those who want to be a part of the solution instead of cribbing about the problems. So; instead of just selfishly focusing on his game, he decided to break all cliches we had attached to golf. In 3 simple steps:

  • He started the Hamoni Golf Camp! Focus! It’s a Camp not the hoity toity club
  • He did away with the super expensive membership fees and simplified life by making golf a sport which you could ‘pay per use’ for
  • He took away the ‘dress code’ from Hamoni. I mean you can even golf bare foot if you’d like
Travelling Boots Review

The Food and Board Games

Spread over 16 acres of land and 100 bays to practice from; makes it India’s largest stand alone Golf Training Facility. The option of all kinds of memberships, pay per use, equipment, training.. just about anything you may need is right there at extremely affordable prices. The bays are lined up in an arc and simulate every aspect of the huddles you may face on the real greens. They have even left some trees in the middle. You can start from one side and gradually graduate to the Ace Pen for the hard shots. So at Hamoni, Golf is for everyone; that’s their tagline too!

Travelling Boots Review

The Hamoni Red Cafe

I recommend this place to all who ever wanted to golf, those who want to practice their skills, the family guys.. come over with your family; let your kids play in the sand, read great comics.. The gang of friends.. play some table tennis or enjoy over the range of board games.. The ‘date’ types.. enjoy the tranquil greens, fresh air and a perfect ambience for amazing conversations… Or the likes of me.. The solo travellers and souls.. who may wanna play a little, make a fool of ourselves while we learn something new.. order a Latte, pick up a book and soak in the serenity away from the daily din.

My few hours here and I can comfortably say #golfisforme now!

Travelling Boots Review

Giving it a try.. haha!

Contact: Hamoni Golf

Location: CK Farm, Carterpuri, Sector 23A, Gurgaon
(Close to Palam Vihar, opposite Maruti Udyog)

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