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Travelling Boots at Fiesta de los Muertos

Fiesta de los Muertos is a day celebrated in Mexico. It is a public holiday and translated simply as ‘The Day of the Dead’ … perfect name for a Halloween themed concert! The concert organized by SWYP and 117live brought together a whole range of international artists. The line up comprised of Massari, a Lebanese-Canadian R&B/Pop artist, Carly Rae Jepsen of the ‘I really like you’ and ‘Call me Maybe’ fame, rapper STOMZY from South London and my all time favorite, Gorillaz here in Dubai. The Mariachis filled in between artist giving the music lovers some much needed homour.

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The Autism Rock Arena provided the best set up and the weather was perfectly crisp for the all out event. The audience was dressed for the occasion too in the spirit of Halloween. I entered when the Mariachis were playing… and they were simply adorable as the belted the absolute popular songs in an all Mariachi style.. everything from Wonderwall to Despasito ofcourse!

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Halloween Theme


Next up was Massari, popular for ‘Smile for me’, ‘Done Da Da’, ‘Be Easy’ and many more gave the crowd the perfect beats to have their feet thumping and hearts pumping. His incredibly harmonious mixing of words and beats, lyrics and music against the backdrop of the desert sunset was just simply memorable.

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Carly Rae Jepsen


The crowds went crazy when Carly Rae Jepsen got on stage of course. What a power-house of energy… Good, Happy energy she brought on. Dressed in all red and black she was a total vision. She sang one hit after the other as the audience sang along tirelessly and danced the night away. I personally went crazy on ‘Run Away with me’, ‘Call me Maybe’ and ‘I really like you’ you know the one which had Tom Hanks in the video???

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Creepy Set Up


I hadn’t heard of or heard STORMZY but the crowd was a real mixed bag and the teenagers went totally crazzzzzy on his rap songs and his electric swag. Only song he sang that I knew was.. his version of ‘Shape of You’ haha!

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Gorillas at Fiesta de los Muertos

I consider myself a huge fan of Damon Albarn, but if you are a music lover of any sorts you should know that nothing can beat a live performance. I mean if you love the artist you just HAVE to see them perform live. It was the first time for Gorillaz in Dubai. Damon Albarn is without a doubt a musician. His entire performance was the most non-performance act. I mean he just sang.. just sang and was being himself and honestly I didn’t care about the theatrics on stage or the dancing cause his music.. his music and lyrics left me holding on to each sound and just hungry for more. He is a genre of his own.

He set the stage on fire with all of us left dumbstruck when he brought the Syrian Singer Faia Younan, whose voice will always be etched in my brain… they did a haunting rendition of ‘Busted and Blue’. And of course he ended the night with Stylo and Clint Eastwood. The entire event of Fiesta de los Muertos was an absolute Value for money concert with great memorable performances of amazing artists and Gorillaz in Dubai.

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