Restaurant Review: Let’s Go- Prego The Westin Gurgaon

Travelling Boots in Prego

Prego- Welcome

The Westin Gurgaon has been a personal favorite of my Travelling Boots. They have won my loyalty over the years with not just their great food and restaurant options but also their impeccable service. The events team also keeps coming up with fresh, weather suitable outdoor activities to make me want to keep going back to them.

They are clearly Gurgaon’s best Luxury Business Hotel!

The Californian Style Italian

Prego, in Italian means, Welcome, Please sit down or after you! This restaurant could not have had a more apt name to it. It is highly Italian with a Californian twist! Don’t get what I mean? Let me paint the picture. The place is abundant with natural light with one whole wall of glass. The glass wall is decorated with jars of pickled ingredients and spices. The interiors are more downtown with art pieces that are almost playful in nature with an open kitchen. Hence the perfect blend of Italian with Californian 🙂

I had gone to Prego this time to meet their new chef; Chef Salvatore Salis, from Sardania. They had organised a cooking class to familiarize us with his fresh take on how to simplify Italian cooking with the not so hard to find ingredients available to us locally. I personally loved his trick of adding ice to blanched Basil to bring out the green color while making pesto.

Travelling Boots in Prego

Chef Salvatore

Chef Salvatore comes with a rich history of cooking experiences in kitchens around the world with the leading chains of hotels and has introduced a whole new menu for lunch now available @INR 1299++ per person. And I’m not talking the regular pastas, this is still the authentic stuff like Prego Caesar, Tagletelle al bianco di pollo or Pizzas with exotic twists.

Travelling Boots in Prego

Freshly made Pesto

Oh you have to indulge in the cocktails here. Of course they have the regular stuff but their mixologist can surprise your taste buds with amazing new mixes and create a blend of well crafted cocktails. Give it a try or just tell him what your mood is and let him suggest what would be best for you.

I especially love their outdoor seating with the backdrop of their gorgeous architecture and a swimming pool. The service is on point and the menu is perfectly detailed to cover all palettes.

Travelling Boots in Prego

Great Cocktails!

Travelling Boots in Prego

Westin, Gurgaon is just the best spot for mostly anytime you want to enjoy great food and service. They have a great range of cuisines and are just about great for anything like a working lunch, a celebration, a catch up, a date or even some alone time!

Travelling Boots in Prego

A day well spent

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