Fashion Tips for the Smart Traveller

My Traveller Look

My Traveller Look

  • Sun Block: Never carry one from your own country; you will get the right SPF value one from where ever you travel. Also; your skin may react differently in a new country.
  • Hats: Pick one up from where you travel again, use it and throw or carry back for memory
  • Scarf: A definite must have and must carry. Pick one of those soft cotton ones which you can use anyhow. I used mine to cover my legs while cycling, as a head gear and also wet it and used around my neck and shoulders for those very hot day
  • Lips: Keep your favorite shade of lipstick, gloss of balm always handy, just one. Just for prettier pics.
  • Mascara: Avoid eye liner and use the Mascara instead. This is perfect to make your eyes just pop bright for those close-up pics. Avoid the kajal too, it will smear.
  • Base: Use one only in the evenings or night, it’s too Darn hot! All pics can be fixed for an even skin tone on your phones.
  • Sun Glasses: Keep options of cheap sun glasses, they help change the look easily. Carry a couple and rest buy from flea markets. It’s fun!
Try Different Sunglasses

Try Different Sunglasses

  • Hair Care: Just carry your shampoo, your hair will behave strangely in new weather conditions and then pick a serum from where you travel to. My soft curled hair went dry and dead in Europe, went to the closest Sephora and asked for help and was given the perfect Serum. automaty online forum Avoid conditioners they will make your hair limp because of the sweat.
  • Hair Styles: Carry bright colored clips and hair bands and oh try all sorts of styles for sure. Braid it, puff it and try different ponytails.
  • Shoes: Don’t carry more than 2 heels, you won’t need them in Europe. Carry fun colored sneakers or walking shoes and 1 comfy slip-ons
  • Shorts: Carry just 1. Pick a shade best suited for most of your Tees.
  • Skirts: 1 Black and 1 White is my best suggestion, they can match all your tops and you can change your look with your hair and tees
  • Tees: Keep a good combo of lengths and colors. The long ones can be tied up in different knots and change the look from morning to evening. darmo gry hazardowe 7777 Try not to exceed 15. With all the combinations you could be totally set for many many days.
Different Lengths of Tees

Different Lengths of Tees

  • Purse: Don’t bother with any I’d say, carry a sling bag, small enough for your lip care, tissues (not wet ones cause you need your sun block to STAY), mascara, your cards and some cash. Carry a backpack for the rest.
  • Thread: For the quick fix for those upper lip hair, learn the figure of 8 self threading.
  • Body Hair: OK, this is tricky, the great news is, Europe is cool about body hair but if you are conscious (I’m really not) pick a cream hair remover from where you travel and DO NOT keep it for any longer than advised, you WILL get skin burns (I’ve done this.. haha!) no matter how coarse the hair growth. Shave the underarms. I won’t advice the cold wax strips as unless you are practiced this can lead to many skin problems. putin kasyno online
  • Jewellery: Just carry all sorts of earring. Necklace and Bracelets could be a pain in summers and leave tan marks.. Well also in winters actually. Take a couple of scarves instead.
  • Nails: Keep them short, I’ve chipped my nails more than once while carrying the suitcase but definitely carry fun shades of nail colors.
  • Night Cream: Make sure you remove make up and apply your favorite night cream before sleeping, your skin will love you for the pampering.
  • WATER: Water, Water, Water. Drink, Drink, Drink. I can’t stress enough on this. Don’t worry about going to the toilet, you barely will. Your body will need a lot of water as there is a lot of walking to do. Keep a small bottle and keep refilling any place you pause at.

And Most Importantly…. HAVE FUN!

Travelling Boots

Travelling Boots

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